Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

NiAT is able to provide broadband connectivity services to the most remote and rural areas, deep in the jungle or on-board sea voyaging ships. We provide full turnkey solutions so that you can concentrate on your core activities, from the basics of supplying equipment to setting up your wireless access point in the entertainment cabin and making sure your data transmission stays secure. With both C-band and Ku-band services with coverage beyond Brunei Darussalam and the ASEAN region, you can leave “the internet” to us and stay connected, from anywhere in the world!


From a wide range of handheld and laptop-sized terminals, the mobility range of equipment will be able to provide you not only the standard call and text solution, but also data connection up to 500kbps for each connection. The mobility solutions serve all types of users: the mountain trekker packs the handy satellite phone in case of emergencies, the oil & gas company installs the land M2M (machine-to-machine) solution to remotely monitor production status on offshore plants and the travel blogger that needs the portable internet connection to upload all the photos and videos to social media. Connectivity is now borderless and affordable!


Comms-on-the-move (COTM) and Comms-on-the-pause (COTP) used to be left for military, security and broadcasting agencies to install on their high-tech vehicles. While that is still very true, the advent of data-hungry media and critical need to be tracked in remote locations when travelling cross-country has made our vehicular solutions very popular. Easily attaching to the roof using magnetic mounts and made to fare the outdoor environment, the island explorer can travel all the way from Brunei to Banjarmasin without losing connection!


Satellite telecommunications has always been the connectivity of choice for seafarers, mariners and the navies of the world – it’s seamless from one ocean to another, it knows how to point to the right satellite even when mother nature throws a sea state 5 at them, and the vessel can operate at optimum efficiency enhancing asset utilisation – they know where they are going, what they are doing, the human resources are well kept and making informed decisions based on real-time field activities. NiAT caters to all types of vessels from river boats that need simple tracking solutions to drilling rigs that require high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity for live video streaming and active directory synchronisation.

Data Services

NiAT boasts nearly 200 sq.m. data centre space at the Telisai Satellite Network Operations Centre, the heart of the NiAT network. As the only site that can has three telecommunications capabilities: satellite, terrestrial and fibre, with multiple power supply sources, NiAT is poised to provide high service level availabilities for data services, in transmission, hosting, monitoring and analytics. Over the last few years, NiAT has maintained a monthly average SLA of 99.95% for C-band VSAT Services with dual backhaul links – unprecedented in Brunei! The latest data services, OBSERVE™, will spur the growth of the digital economy in Brunei, create new opportunities resulting from innovative workflows and decision-making, helping them evolve into a future-ready Brunei.

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