Company Profile

Network Integrity Assurance Technologies Sdn Bhd (NiAT) was founded in May 2010 to deliver cost-effective, resilient, and secure satellite communication connection solutions to marine, remote, and rural locations. NiAT is Brunei Darussalam’s ONLY satellite telecommunications service provider licensed and accredited by the Authority for Info-Communication Technology Industry (AITI) to offer C-band, L-band, and Ku-band satellite connection solutions.  NiAT has provided very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and mobility satcom services to a wide range of clients, including the oil and gas sector, the government, and local as well as international security and defence organizations, with the ability to deploy within days. NiAT has solid partnerships with a number of global satellite and terrestrial companies, including APT Satellite, ABS, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium.  In 2021, NiAT launched Brunei’s first VSAT hub-based services, dubbed as ACTIVATE, and actively test and deploy innovative satellite and wireless communications technologies for its clients. NiAT’s satellite ground station and network operations centre are located in Telisai Earth Satellite Station, a highly secure facility with acess to the main telecommunication grid and internet exchange, as well as dependable power supply and backup power systems. The station operates around the clock and provides unrivalled service level availability of up to 99.95% connectivity uptime. Moving further into the space applications, NiAT now boasts capabilities in satellite imagery and remote sensing, as well as geographical information systems (GIS) platform named OBSERVE, which could be outfitted with automated data analytics by partnering with industry leaders such as ESRI, Maxar, and MDA Corporation. NiAT was recently announced second runner-up in the ICT Industry Catergory for the Brunei Info-Communication Technology Awards (BICTA) 2022 Royal Patron Award for their software application OBSERVE for Maritime.
NiAT team is 100% Bruneian, with more than half working in technical and engineering roles, and are certified by the Global VSAT Forum, bolstered by various ITIL Service Delivery standard, HSE and BOSIET certifications to travel to offshore oil and gas sites, as well as Cisco network and security specialists, geospatial analysts, and software engineers.
Our Strategic Mission

Through constant innovation and
customer-focus, we add value
to our stakeholders by empowering
our people.

Our Vision

To be the preferred solution services
provider globally.

Our Partners

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CEO Profile

Lim Ming Soon

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering and a master’s in communication management, Lim Ming Soon has been a pioneer in the telecommunications industry for the past 11 years. He began as a field technician then moved up in his career to chief marketing officer at TelBru. Over the years at NiAT, Ming Soon’s ethos has been to train, upgrade, and maintain the competency of the company’s local staff. His effective leadership, which focuses on open communication and embracing teamwork culture towards developing a high performing managerial team, has generated tremendous strides in the satcom industry. This ultimately culminated in NiAT receiving the Best Asia Start up Award at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards in 2018. When Ming Soon is not busy running the grand strategy of the company, he occupies his time by planning training regimes as a personal trainer.


Siti Nur Aazzah Binti PDHA Aziz

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO)

Aazzah, Deputy Head of NiAT in Brunei, has played a pivotal role in advancing the nation's space technology sector. Her notable contributions include expanding NiAT's workforce and leading groundbreaking projects like the launch of Brunei's first VSAT Hub and the nanosatellite project, PERISAI-01. Aazzah envisions a future where Brunei thrives as a tech-driven economy, firmly establishing her as a pioneering figure in the nation's space technology endeavors. Under her leadership, NiAT has emerged as a significant force of progress in the field.

Wong Teck SIon

Head of Commercial

Wong Teck Sion, a NiAT member since 2014, has climbed the ranks from project engineer to Head of Department for Technical and Commercial. His extensive knowledge of NiAT's offerings and technical expertise makes him a valuable asset in project involvement and customer engagement, where customization and cost-benefit analysis play crucial roles. Teck is actively involved in all stages of tenders, thanks to his proficiency in both technical and operational aspects.

Nooreduanty Riduan

Head of HR and Corporate Secretary

Nooreduanty Riduan has been an integral member of NiAT for nine years, joining the company from its inception. Her journey, starting with a Higher National Certificate background, has been marked by continuous learning and personal growth. Nooreduanty values the supportive and knowledge-sharing environment at NiAT, and she takes pride in being a part of the NiAT Family.

Dk Fatin Ameerah Pg Azhar

Head of Finance and Procurement

Dk Fatin Pg Azhar, a 2016 graduate in Accounts and Finance from Keele University, has been part of NiAT since the same year. She embodies the philosophy of "مَنْ جَدَّ وَجَدَ" (whoever strives shall succeed) and currently leads NiAT's Accounts and Finance Department. Dk Fatin values the close-knit and friendly atmosphere at NiAT, considering it akin to a family, and takes pride in the company's continuous growth.

Raymond Two Soon

Head of Legal and Regulatory

Raymond Two Soon, a dual degree holder in Law and Criminology from Portsmouth University, started his legal career as a legal advisor during his final year at university. After an attachment with the Attorney General Chambers, he joined NiAT full-time in October 2020. Raymond appreciates NiAT's culture of "hiring for attitude" and its dynamic, cooperative atmosphere, which he believes fosters self-improvement in a fast-paced environment.

Abdull Hakim


Fariza Nayyira Yean Binti Abdullah Chua

Head of Technical

Mohammad Farhan Bin Abdul Adha

Mohammad Farhan Bin Abdul Adha

Network Operations
Mohammad Shahfiee Bin Samsudin

Mohammad Shahfiee Bin Samsudin

RF & Field Operations
Muhammad Amin Bin Ali

Muhammad Amin Bin Ali

Project & Material Coordinator
Achmed Ashley bin Jeffre

Achmed Ashley bin Jeffre

Account Management

Yearly Milestones

  • NIAT won Asian Telecom Awards for Satellite Company of the Year
  • NIAT joining Brunei 40th National Day for the 1st time
  • NIAT x UBD renew Collab
  • NiAT x BIL Signing, Providing New Opportunities
  • OBSERVE Seminar: Harnessing Geospatial Intelligence for Climate Change
  • Awarded 5-year contract with an Oil and Gas Company
  • NiAT Rebranding
  • BICTA Awards, Winner under Consumer & Business Services for OBSERVE’s MataGrid
  • MoU Signing between NiAT & UTB
  • NiAT x UBD Commerates MoU for Academia Grant
  • BICTA Awards, 2nd Runner Up under ICT Industry for OBSERVE’s Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Sukang & Melilas 4mbps link install and start officially under education ministry
  • GIS Day Hackathon with IBTE Students
  • Launch of ACTIVATE services to our end users
  • First Ku Band vessel installation and service delivery to local defence ministry
  • Achievement Forum award (excellence in quality award) 
  • World GIS Day Webinar
  • Testing and POC Sukang & Melilas link using KA Band
  • Collaborative partnership with MAXAR
  • Awarded a 5-year contract for c band site (Aviation Monitoring)
  • First satellite imagery customer with local ministry
  • Launched OBSERVE™
  • Training and certification of staff at ESRI Malaysia for geospatial and drone services
  • Received Asia’s Best Startup Award from Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2018 in Singapore
  • First service order for offshore Ku-band services from local Oil and Gas company
  • Head office relocated from iCentre, Berakas to Kg Menglait 
  • First solar energy project for UBD 
  • First proof of concept for Ku Band services
  • IT & Network Management Services
  • Started offering Thuraya and Iridium Services
  • Awarded 5-year contract local Oil & Gas company (Teleport and Backhaul Telecommunications Project)
  • Awarded 2-year C band contract with an international service provider
  • NiAT underwent and completed ITIL Certification for system standardisation 
  • Started offering equipment testing and basic repair services
  • Upgraded Telisai Satellite Earth Station to achieve high SLA 
  • Fleet Broadband Proof of concept and commissioning (Defence and oil & gas sector)
  • Joined the Brunei Pavillion in CommunicAsia
  • Start offering Technical Services and AAIC Services
  • Signed Collaboration Agreement with Telbru 
  • Digital Microwave Network set up to increase SLA level and redundancy system
  • Signed Channel Partner Agreement with Inmarsat
  • Signed first oil and gas C-band VSAT customers for 3-year contract
  • Awarded dealer license from AITI
  • Awarded SeTi license from AITI
  • Incorporated in May (1 June 2010)
  • Joint venture between TelBru and TS Global Networks Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • First 2 C-Band VSAT customets sign up within 1 month of incorporation

Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

Satellite technology to establish communication, ensuring that users can make calls, send messages, and even access basic data services regardless of their location. They are essential tools for adventurers, explorers, and professionals who require dependable communication beyond the reach of conventional networks.

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Land Internet

Land Internet

Satellite land internet offers high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to areas with limited or no access to traditional broadband services. Using satellite technology, this solution provides a stable connection for both residential and business users, enabling seamless browsing, online collaboration, streaming, and other internet activities. It’s an ideal option for rural locations, remote sites, and disaster-stricken areas where traditional internet infrastructure is unavailable or compromised. Stay connected with satellite land internet, bridging the digital divide wherever you are.

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Maritime Comms

Maritime Comms

Satellite maritime communication products are specialized solutions designed to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for vessels at sea. These systems utilize satellite technology to provide reliable voice and data communication, as well as essential services like weather updates, navigation information, and emergency assistance. Whether for commercial shipping, fishing, or leisure boating, satellite maritime communication products enhance safety, operational efficiency, and crew welfare by keeping maritime activities seamlessly connected even in remote oceanic regions.

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Advanced solutions that enable remote monitoring, control, and data collection for critical infrastructure and devices situated in distant or challenging environments. These systems leverage satellite technology to connect and manage sensors, machinery, and equipment, allowing businesses to gather real-time insights, automate processes, and respond swiftly to changes. Satellite SCADA/IoT solutions are invaluable for industries like energy, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, enhancing efficiency and reliability by extending connectivity to areas where traditional networks struggle to reach.

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