VSAT is an abbreviation of Very Small Aperture Terminal which consist of a ground satellite dish that has the capability of receiving and sending satellite signals
VSAT system is design to serve telecommunications and media connectivity applications such as internet, data, voice, or video. It is designed for places that have limited access to other modes of connectivity services, e.g. on ships and in rural areas.
(i) It can be provided through a lease arrangement with fixed transmission costs regardless of distance. This provides for substantial communication cost savings – all from a single vendor for equipment, service, installation and maintenance of the entire network. (ii) High availability and excellent transmission quality is provided by the VSAT network, guaranteeing the highest performance levels (98.5% for Ku-band and 99.95% for C-band) among all communications alternatives. (iii) VSATs can be installed anywhere the business has a site irrespective of geographical location and terrestrial communications infrastructure. (iv) The user retains complete control of the way information is communicated within the network. This generates flexibility, particularly where new VSAT sites need to be added, or existing sites need to be moved or removed from the network. (iv) VSAT networks offer superior flexibility and performance. Adding a site is quick and easy, and higher network availability levels are easy to obtain. Upgrade and downgrade of bandwidth ca be configured almost immediately. (v) Prices of VSAT networks compete favourable against terrestrial alternatives including fibre. The costs are predictable and stable. (vi) VSAT networks can be secured using industrial strength encryption at AES-256 key.

Broadband Internet Access Point-of-sales transaction
Order-Entry Billing
Inventory Control
Financial Management
Data processing
Reservation System
Telemetry & Data Collection
News Wire Services
Private-Line Voice
Virtual Private Networks
Distance Education
SCADA system
RFID system
Video Conference. Etc.

We are able to cover the whole Brunei and SEA region with the various satellite access network and downlink antenna in Telisai Earth Station.

Clear Line of Sight – the antenna needs to have a clear view of the sky towards the satellite. Obstructions will cause unnecessary interruptions.

Power Supply – to power up the antenna, amplifier, modem and network equipment to establish the connectivity.

Network use – just like in any connection, traffic congestion and application hangs will affect user experience, it is important to design the network to ensure smooth operations and to meet customer expectations.

Security – both physical security and network security is crucial in all our customers’ network. Discuss this further with your sales engineers.

Installation can take anywhere from 1-3 days but a site survey must be done prior to installation to ensure all necessary procedures are taken into consideration for the correct and safe operation of a VSAT. Only certified installers can perform this commissioning of a VSAT network to avoid interference and catastrophic incidents.

The VSAT uses the satellite in space to relay the signals to a satellite earth station which connects it to the terrestrial communications infrastructure. NiAT operates the Telisai Satellite Earth Station which uplinks and downlinks all the satellite signals from the VSAT sites.


Mobility Satcom for Vehicles

There are various solutions that can be installed in a vehicle where the antenna is mounted (via magnet or bolt) on the roof and connected to an indoor unit, the power supply is taken from the car battery. The services can be used when the vehicles are moving or on pause.

It’s a broadband internet access therefore you can perform the usual applications: email, web browsing, file transfer, video conference, etc.

There are three different satellite networks namely Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium.

Yes, NiAT will be able to provide the SIM card with your preferred subscription plan (prepaid or postpaid) along with the necessary AITI licenses.

Once we have completed the installation, using your laptop via the modem dashboard, you may switch on the satellite data connection – and you’re connected to the internet within seconds!

You can drive up to 100km/h on flat terrain and maintain the connectivity to the satellite. However, the performance of the service may get disrupted when moving faster than 100km/h or on very rugged terrain.

No, this is a globally available service, so the connection will be maintained as long as the antenna has clear line of sight to the satellite.

Yes, NiAT can easily register the satellite equipment to a tracking portal and provide you the username/password access to view and/or manage your fleet from a web-browser dashboard. NiAT can offer full turnkey solutions for your fleet or asset information management requirements.

Yes. For more information, please do contact our Business Development team.

Handheld and Portable Satcoms

Switch on your satellite phone.
Point the antenna upwards and find a clear line of sight to the sky.
Depending on which satellite phones, it will take up to 30 seconds to fully connect and register to the satellite network. For IsatPhone Pro, it will take up to 2 minutes to be fully connected to the network.

Yes, all satellite phones require SIM card. NiAT will be able to provide the SIM card with your preferred subscription plan (prepaid or postpaid) along with the necessary AITI licenses.

Each brand of satellite phones (such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium) has their own specific SIM card and it will only work on its own brand.

No, it can only be used outdoors and a clear line of sight to the sky.

Yes, but there the signal will be low which might impair your connection.

Each brand and models of satellite phones (such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium) has its own unique features, but the commonly used applications are voice calls, SMS, GPS location and basic email communication.

Yes, however you will be responsible to file for the necessary regulatory and statutory paperwork in order to import and operate the satellite phone in that country. NiAT can provide further assistance should you need it.

Airtime rate for all prepaid and postpaid subscription packages will remain the same regardless of country of operation.

It depends which brand and model that you use. The Thuraya X5-touch is a satellite smart phone which gives you all features found in a typical smart phone. Application such as Whatsapp can be downloaded and used as normal.

Yes, there is a monthly rental service for your preferred choice of satellite phone.

A copy of customer’s Identification Card and to fill in our Customer Information Form.

Yes, AITI imposes that handheld and portable satellite terminals to an annual station license fee of BND25.00 to be charged to the owner of the equipment.

In the NiAT Terms and Conditions of Sale of Equipment, we will manage the application and station license fee for the first year from the date of purchase and from second year onwards, customers are responsible to pay the fees directly to AITI.

NiAT has in stock equipment and will be able to setup the satellite phone within the day of purchase/rental. You may then use the services after that.

NiAT can also provide portable broadband satellite terminals which has the capability to serve up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi access with speeds up to 490kbps. It’s as light as a laptop and easily be set up for use within minutes.

Different brand of satellite broadband equipment has its dedicated internet speed to offer. This depends on the client’s requirements for application use.

Yes, some of the satellite broadband terminal have built-in ports of RJ45, ISDN, and RJ11.

Satcoms for Vessels

NiAT offers Mobility Satcoms (maximum antenna size 60cm and maximum speeds up to 500kbps) and VSAT Satcoms (minimum antenna size 1m and maximum speeds up to 3.5Mbps). Each solution is different depending on customer requirement and vessel specifications, please contact us for more information.
The antenna is installed on a gyro-stabilised platform with a three-axis motor to rotate and orientate the antenna towards the satellite despite the condition of the sea and the orientation of the vessel to the satellite. The antenna control unit maintains the ability for the antenna to connect to the satellite, thereby keeping the link steady.
First, we would determine what kind of vessel that you have and the onboard arrangement (indoor equipment location, cable access, antenna mounting space, power supply, rooms to connect, how many devices the connection will serve, what applications will be using the connection, etc.). This is normally down via a face-to-face meeting to establish requirements and also a site survey to understand the physical environment.

For Mobility Satcoms system which is from Inmarsat, Thuraya or Iridium, it does require a SIM Card to activate and have the access to use all features, while VSAT Communication system does not.

Yes, for the VSAT Satcoms, our network operations centre is run 24/7 from Telisai Earth Station and we ensure our Ku-band links are at 98.5%, C-band links are at 99.95% and Mobility Satcoms network connectivity is provided at 99% availability to ensure our customers are always connected. Our local technical support team can be deployed within hours of Tier 1 activation.

Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

Satellite technology to establish communication, ensuring that users can make calls, send messages, and even access basic data services regardless of their location. They are essential tools for adventurers, explorers, and professionals who require dependable communication beyond the reach of conventional networks.

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Land Internet

Land Internet

Satellite land internet offers high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to areas with limited or no access to traditional broadband services. Using satellite technology, this solution provides a stable connection for both residential and business users, enabling seamless browsing, online collaboration, streaming, and other internet activities. It’s an ideal option for rural locations, remote sites, and disaster-stricken areas where traditional internet infrastructure is unavailable or compromised. Stay connected with satellite land internet, bridging the digital divide wherever you are.

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Maritime Comms

Maritime Comms

Satellite maritime communication products are specialized solutions designed to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for vessels at sea. These systems utilize satellite technology to provide reliable voice and data communication, as well as essential services like weather updates, navigation information, and emergency assistance. Whether for commercial shipping, fishing, or leisure boating, satellite maritime communication products enhance safety, operational efficiency, and crew welfare by keeping maritime activities seamlessly connected even in remote oceanic regions.

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Advanced solutions that enable remote monitoring, control, and data collection for critical infrastructure and devices situated in distant or challenging environments. These systems leverage satellite technology to connect and manage sensors, machinery, and equipment, allowing businesses to gather real-time insights, automate processes, and respond swiftly to changes. Satellite SCADA/IoT solutions are invaluable for industries like energy, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, enhancing efficiency and reliability by extending connectivity to areas where traditional networks struggle to reach.

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